marcegaglia worldwide presence

From steel, the all-Italian history of the Marcegaglia group starts, developing a very capillary international network that has created a multinational company based on a global business model

Marcegaglia’s business model is a successful formula combining the dynamism typical of Italian family entrepreneurship with the great operational capacity and the presence on international markets of multinationals.


The key elements behind this successful business model are:
· independence, dynamism, resilience, competence, versatility and reactivity, combined with almost sixty years of history
· a capillary sales and international purchase network
· a tailor-made customer service, supported by the largest production range in the world and a unique production flexibility
· a high market diversification, made possible by the quality of each service


Thanks to the unique characteristics of the production network, which enable the creation of synergies with customers, that become true partnerships in the integration between production chain and industrial processes, Marcegaglia is the benchmark for the steel industry with verticalisation in many industrial sectors.


via Lumaca, 3
40054 Mezzolara di Budrio, Bologna - Italy
phone +39 . 051 804 91 11
fax +39 . 051 804 92 00

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